How To Calculate Solar Panel Costs per Watt

calculate the cost of solar

With our current financial meltdown and energy costs fluctuating day-to-day, several of us are thinking of installing solar power to contribute to our homes’ energy requirements, and decrease our electricity bills. But how much solar panel watt power do we want to cut our electricity bills in half? And how much will that power cost […]

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Being Smart About Buying Solar Power

buying solar power

I think you’ll like the following story: Yesterday the contractor came and fitted seven solar panels to the roof of our house. We weighed the pros and cons of shopping for solar panels for more than a month and finally produced the commitment. There have been a few fantastic factors behind our judgment to go […]

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Should You Buy Solar Panels?

should you buy solar panels

While reading information and facts regarding the wonders of solar energy, has it ever occurred to you that you all of a sudden you have an urge to buy solar panels? Has the information and facts you heard enticed you with its sustainable effects on the atmosphere as well as getting a very good alternative […]

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