3 Ways to Reuse Empty Soda Cans

reuse empty soda cansWhen you polish off the last few sips of your soda, you might just toss the can in the trash. If you’re feeling environmentally friendly, you might toss the can in the recycling bin. But if you’re feeling environmentally friendly and creative, there are lots of ways to keep the can out of the landfill. Here are three great ideas for turning a used soda can into a beautiful, functional, eco-conscious project!

1. Show off your artistic side.

After you’ve thoroughly washed and dried the soda cans, cut off the tops and bottoms. Then slice the cylinder down one side, and flatten the can under a heavy object. Be careful not to cut yourself on the sharp edges. Use these flattened pieces of aluminum to make a collage and have it framed. You can also keep the cans intact and lash them together to make a sculpture. Or poke a hole in the bottom and string many cans together for a unique strand of garland for the Christmas tree. The options are only as limited as your imagination.

2. Keep yourself organized.

An empty soda can makes a great pencil holder. Just cut off the top part with the tab and you’ve got a trendy, decorative kitchen or office organizer. Be sure to line the sharp edge with foam or tape for safety. Place the can on your desk and use it to keep your pencils together. Repeat the process with another can, preferably of a different brand or color, and use that for your pens. The same idea works well in the kitchen too. Attach three different color empty soda cans together and use them to keep your forks, spoons, and knives separated. Or place the contraption in the bathroom and help everyone keep their toothbrushes straight.

3. Grow flowers in style.

If ordinary flowerpots are too big to fit on your narrow windowsill, grow plants in a reused soda can instead. Cut off the top and line the sharp edge with something soft. Fill with potting soil and your favorite flowers and place on the windowsill. In addition to looking original, these small flowerpots are easier to rearrange into creative patterns throughout the house. Because the cans are so small, they work especially well for planting seeds. A single seed in each soda can flowerpot will grow better without neighbors to compete with until the new sprout is ready to be transplanted to the outdoor garden.

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