4 Main Benefits Of Slate Roofing

benefits of slate roofing

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If you are a homeowner and you want to install a new type of roof, you have a lot of options to choose from. There are plenty of roofing types available on the market today and one particular one might catch your eye. It consists of slate roofing and if you are looking for durability then this type of roof is the right one for you. Also, there are many slate roofing companies that will install the roof correctly, so that you can enjoy it for a very long period of time. Read on to find the full details and benefits!

1.    Extreme longevity. Slate is perhaps the most durable and resistant roofing material that you can find on the market today. Most roofing companies will guarantee at least 75 years of service but it can also be up to 130 years. Therefore, if you install slate roofing now, it will resist for a lifetime and you don’t have to worry about installing another type of roof. Slate is very durable but it is necessary to let the professionals install the roof correctly, in order to take advantage of this amazing longevity.

2.    Resistant. In addition, slate roofing can resist any weather condition and it is very powerful against fire as well. This is extremely important because if you choose slate roofing, you will be protected against any fire that might start in your establishment or nearby. Also, slate roofing does not rot and it will preserve its natural beauty and aspect for a long period of time.

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3.    Pleasant look. Speaking of beauty, various companies that are specialized in selling and installing slate roofing can also offer you a lot of color choices as well. Therefore, you can match the color of your exterior walls with the one on your roof, creating a very pleasant design. Make sure that you search the market extensively until you find the desired color and you will be able to create an eye-catchy design.

4.    Increased value. Because slate roofing is so resistant and durable, it will also increase the value of your house. If you plan to sell it in the near future, you will be able to ask for a higher price and you will receive more buying offers from different clients and customers. Basically, you take advantage of a strong roof, you will not be bothered with lots of maintenance operations and you will also get your money back on your pocket as well, when you sell the house.

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