4 Reasons You Should Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

eco-friendly cleaning productsMany of the better known cleaning supplies on the market contain ingredients that are not exactly friendly for you or the environment.  Fortunately, more people are turning to green cleaning supplies.  Eco-friendly cleaning products can greatly benefit both the earth and the people who live on it in a variety of ways that will be explored below.

Lower Toxicity Content

Buying green cleaning products is the best way to keep yourself, your family and the environment safe. They are better as they consist of lower toxicity levels and will improve your indoor air quality.  In the home, you can freely use them anywhere, including the kitchen, and you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals leaking into the air or in your food.

In the office, you can freely use green cleaning products without worrying that your employees will be exposed to harmful chemicals.  These can lead to a variety of health problems, including allergic reactions, irritations and headaches, which may result in worker’s compensation cases and even lawsuits.


Green cleaning products and their packaging are typically biodegradable.   They do not contain harmful chemicals that break down in the air and damage the ozone layer.   Many of them are unscented and are even packaged in containers made with recycled or recyclable materials. The packaging that contains these products also utilizes less paper and metals, which means fewer natural resources used.

Better Productivity

As previously stated, a healthier environment can be enjoyed when you use green cleaning products.  In the workplace, when the environment is healthy, your employees will feel physically better and therefore will be happier and more productive.   This will lead to fewer absences, better productivity and efficiency, and the ability to boast your business as environmentally conscious. In an increasingly green world, this can be excellent for branding.

Increased Safety

Going the green route with your cleaning supplies can also ensure better safety. Whether you use these products in the home or at your office, they are safer in reducing the risks of fire or explosions. If cleaning products are accidentally spilled, the environment is also safer for all of its residents on the whole.

If you’re not already using eco-friendly cleaning products, it is worth your while to consider making the switch. Many of these items cost a little more money, but some are surprisingly inexpensive. You will feel better with your decision and can take pride in doing your part to improve the state of the environment. You will also feel physically healthier, and it will show.

Kyle Sanders is a content writer for AustinMaidService.com, a cleaning service in the greater central Texas area. When he’s not blogging, he enjoys the outdoors, simple living, and a clean home.

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