A Look At Different Types of Pollution Pictures

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Coal Fired Power Plant Air Pollution

Image credit: thewritingzone

The following pictures represent four main categories of man-made pollution.  The categories presented are: air pollution, water pollution, land pollution and light pollution.  The pictures display a visual representation of the harmful nature of introducing toxic contaminants into our ecosystem.

Air Pollution Pictures

smog-air-pollution haze-air-pollution-2_0 haze-air-pollution power-plant-air-pollution-1 power-plant-air-pollution-2 smog-air-pollution-2

Image credits: senorcodo, chrisll, christine church, christian haugen, ninahale, jemasmith


Water Pollution Pictures

 water-habitat-contaminationwater-pollution-1  water-pollution-habitatlitter-pollution-in-wetland-1

Image credits: swanksalot, rptnorris

Land Pollution Pictures

oil-pollution  land-pollution-1 land-pollution-2 land-pollution-3highway-pollution

Image credits: epsos, jim linwood

Light Pollution Pictures

light-pollution-3  light-pollution-2
Image credits:astroblue, makelessnoise, timo newton


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