A Definition of Environmental Sustainability

Definition of Environmental Sustainability

The definition of environmental or ecological sustainability is simple.  Everything we need for our survival and well-being depends on the environment.  Environmental sustainability produces and preserves the conditions under which humans and nature can co-exist, while satisfying the social, environmental and economic needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to sustain their needs.

Being environmentally sustainable is a concept that is based on the principle of being responsible with Mother Nature.  It is to think and act by taking into account the long-term effects of our actions.  Our actions stem from personal attitudes that involve doing things like buying a hybrid car, recycling, making use of  wind and solar energy, using public transportation, buying recycled products, using energy efficient products and reducing our consumerism.

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Concepts of Environmental Sustainability

In order for sustainability to work, we must consume natural resources at a lower rate than we are producing them.  If we are polluting at a rate higher than the environment can handle it or using raw materials at a rate higher than they can be replaced, then we are not being sustainable.  Environmental sustainability can be described using the following three elements:

Ecological Conservation: Use materials that are biodegradable and use products and systems that are energy efficient.

Eliminate Air, Water, and Land Pollution: Reduce your consumption, re-use products, and then recycle them.  Make it so manufacturers do not have to use any natural resources to make new products, eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and landfill waste.

Renewable Resources:   Maintain the depletion of fossil fuels used to generate power at a lower rate than the rate at which renewable resources are used.

Without environmental sustainability there can be no economic, social, or corporate sustainability.  They are all dependent on a greater being, which is the form of sustainability that takes care of the system in which humans depend on to live.  Environmental sustainability means using the Earth’s ecosystems and natural resources to meet the health and service needs of current and future generations without compromising the health of the ecosystems that provide them.

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