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Another Reason You Should Use Reusable Shopping Bags

reusable shopping bags

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch According to researchers, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest garbage dump in the world. It is located in the Pacific Ocean and is almost the size of Texas.  This piece of land is composed of almost four million tons of garbage and without proper disposal or recycling more […]

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Renovating Methods for Eco-Friendly Homes

Eco-Friendly Homes

After some time, your home naturally ages and begins to appear a bit worn-out and tired. If moving is not an option, there are many affordable renovations that can help your house look fresh and new. Before you begin your projects, think about updating your home with the following renovating methods for eco-friendly homes.   […]

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The Efficient Lifestyle of Minimalist Living

minimalist living

In the U.S., we sometimes get off track and believe too strongly that bigger is always better. When it comes to real estate, this seems to be commonplace across the nation. It’s not unusual in 2013 for people to want a bigger house with more things and more space. While there are benefits to having […]

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The Green Deal – Huge Energy Savings for Business?


At the beginning of 2013, the UK’s energy legislation changed dramatically with the introduction of the Green Deal. Since then, thousands of business owners have been working to maximize their eligibility for the scheme, which fundamentally pays for the installation of energy saving and carbon reducing technologies in the workplace. It works by the Government lending money to […]

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Making Energy Improvements for Spring

energy improvements for Spring

With spring finally here and the memory of exorbitant heating bills still fresh in your mind, it’s time to work on improving your energy efficiency and reducing those energy bills. There are three major ways to accomplish this: minimizing your usage, minimizing waste, and making use of external free energy sources. Minimizing Usage Minimizing usage […]

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Going Green: How to Create an Eco-Friendly Home

Create an Eco-Friendly Home

The increasingly violent storms and the continuous melting of the polar ice caps are resounding manifestations of the harsh effects of global warming. While we may not feel we are personally at fault, in one way or another we have all have contributed to this problem. As calls for greener living are taken up across […]

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