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Benefits of Using a Self Composting Toilet

benefits of using self composting toilet

You may have heard of self-composting toilets, but you might know very little about them. The composting toilet is now a popular investment that a growing number of people are implementing in order to create a much smaller carbon footprint. Unfortunately, many people have a negative view on composting toilets.  They find the idea of […]

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Landscape Design Tips for Your Backyard

Backyard Landscape Design Tips

If you have an area that can flourish into a beautiful garden, but you have never really done any kind of landscaping before, then it is only natural that you will do things with trepidation, maybe you will do things the long way and maybe you will do things in the worst possible way!  Today […]

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Your Children and Thirdhand Smoke

Your children and thirdhand smoke

When someone smokes indoors, those that use that space can be exposed to thirdhand smoke even a few days later.  Carpets, rugs, and furniture fabrics retain nicotine residues and other chemicals if someone has smoked cigarettes near these items. These toxic chemicals can then be transferred onto our skin, clothing, hair, or even back into […]

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Win the War Against Energy Sucking Devices In Your Home

energy sucking devices

One can find about 20 appliances in the average home.  Think about how much electricity your home devices are using right now (even when turned off).  How many more devices do households of today host in comparison to a few decades ago? Device Deluge We now have dishwashers, microwaves, coffee makers, computers, DVR’s, iPods, smart […]

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Can the U.S. Become Oil Independent?

can the us become oil independent

There is no doubt that soon the United States will not just be oil independent, but will also be energy independent. This statement is based on the last “Oil Outlook Report” released by the International Energy Agency. In fact the IEA says that by 2035 the United States will be completely self-sufficient for natural gas […]

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