Battery Powered LED Lights

Battery powered LED lights are loved by people because of their convenience and flexibility.  These lights are wireless, can be transported easily, and do not require any chords to plug in.   They produce a bright light with minimum power consumption and can last 10-20 years.

They are used outdoors as security spotlights, inside paper lanterns at weddings, as Christmas lights, emergency lights, in kitchens as cove lights and several other applications.  The three most used types of battery powered LED’s are LED light strips, LED puck lights, and LED spotlights.

Battery Operated LED Light Strips

LED light strips are Ideal for kitchen cabinets, Christmas decorations, cove lighting, or anywhere that requires a string of lights.  They are very flexible so their application is virtually limitless.  They can be used under kitchen cupboards, they can be mounted on aquarium walls to produce a light warm glow, and they can be mounted along the sides of a mirror for a brighter look.  The strips have a sticky back that is used to mount the lights on most surfaces.  They come in 5-meter rolls that can be cut every few inches and cost about $3-$5 per meter of roll.

Battery Powered LED Puck Lights

Battery operated LED puck lights are named that way because they are shaped like a puck.  They are used in cabinets, bookshelves, drawers, closets, desks and in any small space that requires a push on/push off type light.  As with all battery powered LED’s, they require no wires and no special installation so they serve well in areas where electrical outlets are not accessible.  They work great for back-up emergency lighting since they run on batteries and can be easily carried by hand.  A few puck light models swivel or pivot to position the light at a specific angle.  Other puck lights carry Velcro so they can be attached to surfaces and used as cove lighting.

Battery Powered LED Spotlights

Battery powered LED spotlights are useful for places that require a wireless, motion sensing light.  Spotlights used outdoors have a built-in photocell that activates the motion sensor during nights, but turns off the sensor during the day.

The spotlights are bright and can be used as security lights for the entrance doorway, to sense motion in the backyard, and for illumination when driving up to the garage.  They require no wiring and are weatherproof so they can be placed outdoors without having to worry about maintenance.

That was a quick look at three examples of battery operated LED lights.  To recall their benefits: they are easy to handle, do not require wiring, can be mounted virtually everywhere, do not require much power but produce a bright light, and will last for many years.  You cannot go wrong with having a few of these in your home, if only for security and emergency purposes.

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