Benefits of Installing Blown In (or Blow In) Insulation in Your Attic

Blown In Insulation in Your Attic

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Insulating your attic is a great way to reduce energy costs and save money. Today insulation can consist of more than just fiberglass. There are many different types of insulation, each with its own properties. Here we will discuss the benefits of installing blown in insulation in your attic.

Is There a Difference?

Blown insulation is tighter than standard insulation. This prevents airflow from entering the attic. Small crevices and tight corners are also sealed since the material does not take much space. The tighter the material is, the more efficient it will work.

Fast Installation

Installing blown in insulation is extremely fast. The barrier, also known as a blanket, needs to be stapled to 2×4 planks of wood to keep it from falling out of place. Once finished, a small slit is cut in the barrier where you can insert however much insulation you need.

Energy Efficient

This is one of the most energy efficient types of insulation available. As it is blown into the barrier, it expands to fill up even the tiniest cracks. If properly installed, it can make your attic 100% airtight.

Reduced Allergies

Fiberglass and other insulating materials can be very dangerous for people with allergies. Blown in insulation uses virgin materials, providing a smaller chance of allergies. However, all insulating products have compounds that can lead to allergic reactions, so it is important to put the product inside a sealed blanket to prevent leakage.


Noise Reduction

Since this insulation is a tighter fit, it prevents noise from traveling out of the room. This especially beneficial if you are using your attic for work or playing music

Saves Money

Installing blown in insulation isn’t cheap, but it can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. After several years the insulation in most attics becomes worn down, leaking energy and wasting money. Replacing your insulation will keep your home from wasting precious money on air conditioning and heating.

Environmentally Friendly

Fiberglass is toxic and harmful to the environment. In contrast, blown in insulation can be made from recycled products. This allows you to both save energy in your home and put recycled materials to good use. You can’t get much greener than that.

Moisture Prevention

Moisture is extremely bad for attics. Over time, moisture can cause cracks in concrete, breed dangerous mold, or create a foul smell. Moisture can also make insulation useless, but that isn’t the case with this material. As long as there are no cracks in the barrier, your attic will be effectively moisture-proof.


Blown in installation is a fair deal more expensive than normal insulation. However, housing experts will tell you that the extra cost will be recovered with 2-4 year just by the amount of energy saved. Since this product is fairly simple to install, you can also save hundreds of dollars by installing it yourself. All you need are some 2×4 planks of wood and basic tools.

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