The Biggest US Office Buildings Go Green

Some of the biggest office buildings in the world can be found right here in the United States, and they make a huge impact on the environment. While it has traditionally been believed, and perhaps even been true, that this impact is a negative one, today’s building and business owners are working to save the environment rather than hurt it.

The Willis Tower reaches over 1700 feet into the Chicago skyline. The tower covers over 4.4 million square feet and houses tenants such as United Airlines and Bank of America. This building started a green initiative in 2009 which included the installation of solar panels, wind turbines and other more efficient options to significantly cut electricity use. The goal of this initiative was to cut electricity usage by 80 percent within five years with the hope of saving upwards of 150,000 barrels of oil each year.

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Efficiency vs. Aesthetics

The Renaissance Center is an astonishingly large building in Detroit. Its seven buildings and 73 floors are home to businesses such as GM, Marriot and Blue Cross Blue Shield. The building works to offer many eco-friendly options for tenants, including recycling programs and access to energy-efficient supplies and services. The Renaissance Center can also be found partnering with groups such as the EPA to promote environmentally friendly campaigns.

San Antonio’s McDermott Building stretches just shy of half a mile and covers 3.9 million square feet. The building is home to the USAA and won the EPA’s award for being the largest building to earn an Energy Star accreditation in 2009. The Pentagon is another large building. In fact, it’s the largest office space in the world! The building was recently renovated using recycled ceiling tiles, wood millwork from sustainably managed forests and low-VOC or recycled paint.

These are just a few of the large buildings making a positive impact on the environment today. Hopefully these buildings are paving the way for more environmental consciousness, and are helping to get an “Office Buildings Go Green” movement going on in big business and construction.

The United States' Biggest Office Buildings
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