Debunking 5 Notorious Hot Tub Myths

Hot tubHave you considered doing something different in your home lately, maybe some remodeling or redesigning? Have you thought about installing something entirely new for your own pleasure or get a new toy so you can invite friends over and have fun?

Well, one of those items that are fun for everybody and which would certainly bring something new and fresh to your home is a hot tub. If you’ve ever considered buying one, there are some myths and false truths you should be aware of.

Here are five common misconceptions about hot tubs which any long-standing owner, hot tub enthusiast or a  company like Aqua Paradise can debunk for you.


They are very expensive to maintain and run

This myth is very popular and probably the main reason why people feel discouraged to buy a hot tub. A somewhat popular opinion is that it takes vast amounts of electricity to run this beast.

Well, you may throw this attitude right out of a window because today’s models are designed to save energy. Just as any modern house appliance, some models might even cost you as much as 20 dollars per months to operate, which is much less than what you probably had on mind or heard from other people.

Some more expensive brands go even a step further by introducing a range of energy-sufficient elements which all together contribute to the overall lessened monthly cost.

Things like water pumps and filtration reduce the need to refill and heat water as frequently. New models also implement insulated shells and covers to help preserve heat and thus save more energy.

Cleaning the water is a tedious chore

Other characteristics also attributed are that hot tubs are expensive, boring and annoying. Well, this all might be true if you didn’t do your filtration correctly. However, with the right filtration system, you can have your water cleaned automatically about 2-3 times per day, and it takes about 15 minutes.

The only actual manual labor is adding sanitizer on a regular basis about once a month, but I don’t think that sounds too tiring or time-consuming.

Chlorine causes problems

Various irritations, redness, burn in eyes are all caused by imbalanced pH or alkalinity rather than chlorine, which is a dangerous chemical if not handled carefully. This is one of the most common mistakes hot tub owners make and people usually blame chlorine for that.

To make things clearer, low pH is what causes the water to be highly acidic, whereas alkalinity makes the water more abrasive, causing itching and burning eyes. What you can do to prevent this is to check weekly if the water is balanced, and if not, adjust it, either by yourself, or you can hire a professional.

Installing more jets is not a solution

This one is a classic marketing move to trick you into buying a tub with more jets, but we all know the quality is better than quantity, so logically it is better to focus on quality, positioning and type of jets rather than a sheer number.

Sanitize with bleach

Do not attempt this at any cost!

Bleach is a potent chemical that can ruin your hot tub cover, so you need to keep it away and use only approved agent.

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