Garden Your Home

As people, we are always looking for the newest and latest thing to change appearances—especially when it comes to the home. Changing and recreating the look of your home and living space is always fun and exciting, but it can get a little boring when you keep doing the same thing.

There is one option that a lot of people overlook when recreating the image of their home that can greatly change the way their living space is perceived: indoor plants.  By getting the perfect plants to garden your home, and arranging them in a couple of particular ways, you can achieve not only peace and tranquility, but a wonderfully looking home, and a place you can escape to.

Extra Space

Plants can be a great use to take up some extra (and maybe even awkward) space in your home. Before I found the use for gorgeous plants, I used to have a weird angle space in the back corner of my living room. However, after adding a table filled with maidenhair ferns and orchids, I was able to use that space, and create it something completely new, and fun to look at.

You can also use indoor trees as a room divider in your house. Place the tree in a colorful and textured pot, and voila: an instant change to the room.

Plants also bring more texture and intimacy to the room, than a piece of furniture could. Consider placing an indoor plant behind a chair or table in a guest room or dining area, for an extra special touch.

You can even place little potting plants in areas around your house for that “little something”. Think about putting these tiny pieces of life around your kitchen windowsill, in the corner sink of your bathroom, or maybe on your writing desk. These little spurts of joy can bring something else to your living space: texture and life.

Plants and flowers bring you more than just a great design for your house, but it makes you feel better. Your overall mental health and want for an exciting and fulfilling life will increase with these beautiful items around your house.

That’s another thing to remember: plants are just plain good for the soul. They make you feel good, happy, excited—ready to take on the day. Who wouldn’t want that atmosphere in their living space?

Be Daring

Don’t feel like you’re going to make a mistake by adding different pots and plants to your home. Sometimes by having a bunch of different plants and pots mixed together in one space, can give you that look of life and adventure.

You can’t do wrong by adding plants. Be you, and have a great time with it!

Staci Thomas is an interior design specialist and gardener. When she’s not busy disrupting her dog’s latest archaeological exploration in her garden, she writes for Gaddy’s Plant Hire, specialists in office plant supplies.

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