Interesting Facts About Solar Powered Flood Lights

solar powered flood lights

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Solar powered floodlights have gained a lot of popularity over the years due to their long lifespan, ease of installation, affordability and outright versatility. There are mainly two major types of such powered floodlights. There is the straight floodlight and the security floodlight. The internals of both types of floodlights are quite similar except that security floodlights are usually fitted with a motion sensitive infra-red detector. Such a detector is usually capable of detecting any movement at an angle of 180º and within a range of 75 feet or thereabouts. Once movement is detected, the lights come up for a specified period of time which can be adjusted according to the needs and requirements of users. These floodlights can be used to light up areas of up to 1000 square feet.

What are Solar Powered Flood Lights?

A solar power floodlight generally consists of a solar panel, the LED or Halogen Light Fixture and a connecting chord.  Previously there was some limitation in the amount of light that a solar powered floodlight could produce when compared against an incandescent floodlight, this problem though has been ably overcome with the introduction of LED bulbs and Halogen bulbs. LED bulbs are more efficient than halogen bulbs by around 70% and are therefore the bulbs of choice in most solar floodlight fixtures. Most of these bulbs have a lifespan of up to 5000 hours or almost six years of continuous use. It is also worth noting that most solar powered flood lights use rechargeable batteries, making them quite affordable to replace and therefore maintain.

Mounting Your Solar Powered Flood Lights

These flood lights can both be mounted on a wall or on a post and usually come with a chord which is attached to a solar panel. Solar panels can either be separate or fixed. The separate solar panels can be attached at a relative distance and an electrical cord is then used to transport the generated electricity from the panel to the batteries. This allows you to place the floodlights virtually anywhere provided you have a cord that is long enough. The fixed solar panels on the other hand are attached to the lighting fixture and must therefore be placed directly in the sunlight so as to provide you with the expected lighting capabilities.

Cost of Solar Powered Flood Lights

The number of LED’s in the solar floodlight will dictate how bright and large the floodlight will, be and the prices of these products will vary from one manufacturer to the other. For a small 12 LED Solar flood light which is rated at 80 Lumen, the average price is around $85.00.  For a medium sized 54 LED commercial flood light which is rated 320 Lumen, the average price is around $285.00.  And for a slightly large 108 LED Commercial Flood light which is rated 540 Lumen, the average price is around $385.00.

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