Let Solar Garden Lights Illuminate Your Pathway

solar garden lightsThere is no arguing the fact that a well-planned and well lit garden can look amazingly alluring. Water bodies, flowerbeds, rockeries and even shrubs look alive and vibrant when they are back-lit or flood-lit. An unlit garden can be rather scary. However, the high costs involved in keeping a garden well-lit can be very intimidating as well. This is where the ray of solar lighting shines bright and shows you the path to eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting. The basic, plastic solar lamps that dotted gardens a decade ago, have made way for innovatively designed spherical, stainless steel fittings. Colored LED’s are being used in landscaping for a stunning effect.



Though the installation costs may seem a little steep, in the long run solar energy is an extremely cost-effective power option. Over a period of time, the lights may end up providing fewer illumination hours. This is an indication that the rechargeable batteries need replacement. These are easily available in most hardware stores. Solar energy is a renewable energy source. Harnessing the power of the sun means you do your bit for the environment as well as reduce its stresses. There is no electricity consumption, neither are there any harmful emissions. It’s an excellent way of reducing your carbon footprint on planet earth.

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The Practicality Factor

Solar stick lights have built-in sensors. What this means is that they come on at dusk and get switched-off at the break of daylight or when the charge gets used up. The automatic function ensures that a human hand is not required to operate them. Wiring is nonexistent in solar stick lights and they can be installed almost anywhere you please. This is very useful at times when you feel that the landscaping has to be altered or the design of the garden needs to be revamped. There is no concept of a main power point and you don’t have to worry about an electric hazard while children are playing outdoors.

Solar lamps are quite hardy and can weather the elements. However, hard frost might damage them and the lamps will have to be stocked indoors until the weather lets up. It is a fact that at the outset, solar lights lacked the brightness that for instance fluorescent lamps provided. Today, solar technology has evolved and solar garden lights shine brighter than the first generation ones.  This is a definite plus in their favor and a larger number of people are veering towards solar powered lighting.  For homeowners, installing solar lights is the best way to keep the garden safer and add luster to a deck or patio.

This article has been produced by Dan Oztunc on behalf of Ecoled, a designer and manufacturer of LED lighting products.

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