Lighting Energy Cost

Calculate energy savings and simple payback for replacing incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s) or LED bulbs.


1.  Enter the power (watts) consumed by the light bulb.  Typical CFL = 10 watts.  Typical LED = 4 watts. Typical Incandescent = 60 watts.
2.  Enter the cost of each light bulb. Typical CFL = $4.00.  Typical LED = $7.00  Typical Incandescent = $1.00.  Enter 0 for incandescent if you’re replacing existing bulbs.
3.  Enter the total number of bulbs that are being replaced.
4.  Enter the number of hours per day that the lights are on.
5.  Enter your utility electricity rate.  U.S. average is $0.115/kWh


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