Recycle Apple and PC Computers

Recycle Apple and PC ComputersJust about every home now has a computer, with many homes having more than one. With new computer technology being launched every few months, upgrading to a new computer is common and thousands of computers are being thrown away every year.  The problem is that computers contain components that are toxic to the landfills that they are disposed in.  A good way to help the environment and reduce waste is to recycle your computer.

Before you decide to recycle your computer, you may want to think of improving its performance.  The easiest way to improve your computer’s performance is to get more memory.  It will speed up your computer and it’s a pretty inexpensive option.  If you are running out of disk space, you can buy an external hard drive, which will also serve you as back-up for your main computer.

If you decide to recycle your computer, make sure and format all hard drives and wipe your information clean.  You can back up your data in an external drive before doing so.  After erasing all data from it, you can take it to the retailer you bought it from, participate in a recycling program, or make a tax-deductible donation to the charity or organization of your choice.

Apple, Dell, and Hewlett Packard have computer recycling programs to collect used computers in an effort to reduce waste from going in landfills.  Apple’s recycling program will give a gift card that is worth the value of the laptop or desktop that you are recycling.  Apple will pay for your shipping, and you can also recycle your iPhone or iPod with them.  With Hewlett Packard’s recycling program, you can drop of your computer at a Staples store, or you can mail it in with a FedEx voucher.  HP also has a trade-in program where you will get cash back for your old equipment if you purchase new HP equipment.  Dell has partnered with Goodwill, with more than 2,600 drop off locations in the United States where a computer can be donated.  Goodwill will then recycle it properly by making sure no harmful materials end up in landfills or they will refurbish it and sell it at a low price.

Because there are so many computer systems that are being disposed of every year, computer recycling is the way to go.  There are a wide range of computer recycling programs available to choose from so make sure and take advantage of one before throwing away an old computer.  Even if you just donate your old PC or Mac it’s is always fulfilling to do your part in saving the planet and helping others who need them.

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