Renewable Energy Jobs in the Green Engineering Industry

Renewable Energy Jobs in the Engineering IndustryJobs in the green engineering industry involve jobs that that promote sustainable design practices in construction.  These jobs usually include professionals such as mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and architects.  Most renewable energy jobs in the market come from Solar PV power, but there is a myriad of jobs available in the green construction industry.

Mechanical Design Engineer

A mechanical engineer is responsible for the design of energy efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.  The mechanical engineer is responsible for doing thermal load calculations for the building and then determining the most energy efficient and practical mechanical system for the building.

For heating, this could be by using boilers and furnaces with high thermal efficiencies and AFUE ratings.  For cooling this could by using water-cooled systems and variable frequency drives in fans and pumps.

Electrical Power Engineer

The electrical engineer’s job is to size the electrical load required to power the building.  The electrical engineer can also specify renewable energy technologies like sizing the solar panel PV system that would be used to power part or all of the building.

The electrical engineer is also responsible for sizing the building lighting load and selecting energy efficiency fluorescent, CFL, and LED bulbs used in the building.

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Building Performance Modeler

The building performance modeler, usually called energy modeler, determines the electricity and gas use of a building, and compares it to a similar building using industry standards to determine whether a building is energy efficient.

This person uses energy modeling software, like eQuest, Energy Plus, EnergyPro, etc., to enter building system parameters as close to real life as possible to determine energy usage.  The energy modeler enters in the software mechanical systems, building envelope, lighting systems, building occupancy schedules and any type of renewable energy used for the building.

In recent years, solar businesses have become popular and have generated new jobs.  At the same time, jobs for traditional energy industries may start to decrease while opportunities for jobs in energy efficiency technologies start to increase.  Having competition from different energy usage sources in the industry generates opportunities for businesses to create renewable energy jobs as well as jobs for businesses that focus on energy efficient practices.


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