Tips for Cleaning With Natural Cleaners


Tips for Cleaning with Natural CleanersTips for Cleaning With Natural Cleaners

Eco-friendly cleaning methods are becoming commonplace in the United States. Many people are opting to concoct their own products to save money and to reduce their carbon footprint. To ensure that your home is truly clean it is important to use these products correctly.

Tub and Shower Cleaner

These products tend to be quite harsh and they contain an abundance of chemical ingredients. You can make your own at home with three simple ingredients: salt, baking soda and borax. Mix these together and use a little elbow grease to completely eliminate soap scum. To help keep your tub and shower free from grime, simply wipe it down after bathing. This will help to prevent buildup so that you do not need to scrub it more than once a week.

Multi-Surface Cleanser

A good multi-surface cleanser can be used on floors, counter tops, in sinks and on other similar surfaces, including windows and mirrors. All you need for this cleanser is some undiluted white vinegar, a little tap water and some lemon juice. You should mix these together and put them into a spray bottle. Use a microfiber cloth for surfaces, old newspapers for windows and a recycled mop for the floors. This mixture has a great, citrus smell and will work just as well as chemical-based cleansers.

Your Dishwasher

Many think that to clean the dishwasher it is necessary to use harsh chemicals, but this is not true. If you have a small dishwasher safe container and some white vinegar, you can have a clean dishwasher in no time. Simply put two cups of the vinegar in a bowl, put it in the top rack and run the hot cycle. This will take care of grime and any odors.

You can also use white vinegar for your coffee pot. Put vinegar into the water chamber and dilute it with water. Run this through and then run plain water through a few times to push the taste and smell of the vinegar out.

Wood and Leather

Liquid castile soap is plant-based and can effectively clean the leather and wood throughout your home. You want to add this soap to warm water for these purposes. When you are working on leather make sure that the sponge you use is gentle and barely moist. For your floors, you can use a recycled mop or whatever you prefer to use to clean your floors. This will also work on all other floor types.

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