Top 20 Environmentally Friendly Organizations

Top 20 Environmentally Friendly Organizations


These organizations have greatly contributed to the global green movement.  They facilitate the conditions under which humans and nature can co-exist, while still satisfying the social, economic and environmental needs of present and future generations.

We made this list to honor and show them our appreciation.  To the organizations featured, thank you for your contributions to the environment and humankind.



1. 350.org

350.org350.org is a grassroots organization whose resolution is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to below 350 parts per million (ppm).  They research the best ways to strengthen the climate movement and provide online tools to help in planning strategies.  They have organized rallies with volunteers in over 188 countries.


2. Alternative Energy News

Alternative Energy NewsAlternative Energy News is a comprehensive network of online resources that is designed to raise public awareness and debates on issues of renewable energy.  They provide discussions, media and news promoting the research and development of renewables.


3. Audubon Society

audubonThe Audubon Society is a conservation organization that focuses on preserving natural ecosystems, birds and other wildlife.  Amongst their projects, they protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the ongoing recovery of the California condor, and the restoration of the Everglades.


4. Conservation International

conservation internationalConservation International works to move whole societies toward a smarter development path.  They help communities protect tropical forests, grasslands, rivers, lakes and wetlands.  Their goal is to help society move toward a smarter, more sustainable development path.


5. The Daily Green

the daily greenThe Daily Green is a consumer guide on green living from Good Housekeeping magazine with news, tips for green homes, ecotourism and homemade recipes.  They have a member section where you can submit your own green tips, photos and recipes.

6. Earth Techling

Earth TechlingEarth Techling is an online blog with that has technologist and environmentalists working together for the purpose of bringing readers news on advancements in green technologies.  They believe that future improvements will come through new and better technologies; and we agree with them.

7. Earth911

Earth 911Earth911 specializes in providing consumers with recycling information all over the United States.  They have a directory of recycling information for over 300 materials and have local information for anyone on where to go in their own city to take recycled materials

8. Energy Tomorrow

Energy TomorrowEnergy Tomorrow is a trade association that represents all features of the United States’ oil and natural gas industry.   Their aim is to provide information on energy issues that is clear for people to understand.  They use a blog to welcome comments and questions from people, and thus encourage a progressive debate on energy issues.

9. Environmental Graffiti

environmental grafityEnvironmental Graffiti is a mix of eccentric and interesting environmental news in the world.  You will find beautiful, classic and artistic pictures with news stories related to the environment, science, nature and technology.

10. Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection AgencyThe Environmental Protection Agency was established in 1970, and since then, it has been a champion in its fight against environmental pollution.  The agency provides monitoring, research and set standards that have resulted in a cleaner, healthier environment for people in the United States.

11. Environmental Working Group

environmental working groupThe Environmental Working Group is a leading environmental health research and advocacy organization in the United States.  They serve as watchdogs to set environmental facts straight so that people can make healthier choices with regards to a better environment.

12. Greenpeace

greenpeaceGreenpeace is an independent global campaigning organization that works to change behaviors, protect  the environment and promote peace.  They defend our oceans, protect our forests, facilitate the use of clean energy, and campaign for socially responsible farming.  They are present in 40 countries across Africa, America, Asia, and Europe.

13. Grist

gristGrist has been handing out environmental news and commentary since 1999.  Grist adds a humorous side, providing news you would not normally read elsewhere.  But at the same time, they are serious about giving you the real meaning behind green stories and climate change.

14. Huffpost Green

huffpost greenEveryone knows the Huffington Post.  And their green news blog is also one the most popular environmental news sites on the internet.  They have a section on climate change, animals, energy, fracking, and links to other green blogs around the net.

15. Mother Earth News

mother earth newsMother Earth News is a green lifestyle magazine that delivers reports on organic foods, country living, green transportation, renewable energy, natural health and green buildings.  They include a do it yourself section to encourage people to work on home improvement projects.

16. Mother Nature Network

Mother Nature News NetworkMother Nature Network is an online news site whose mission is to improve the planet by offering news on family, health, green lifestyle, business, and local community issues.  They have a large community board of bloggers who submit their own articles on these topics.

17. Nature Conservancy

Nature ConservancyThe Nature Conservancy is the world’s largest conservation organization with the goal of protecting ecological lands and waters.  Founded in 1951, and with more than 1 million members, they have protected 119 million acres of land and rivers, while operating in more than 100 marine conservation projects around the world and preventing water pollution.


18. Sierra Club

The Sierra ClubThe Sierra Club’s mission is to protect wildlife on Earth while promoting the responsible use of world’s ecosystems and natural resources.  They have more than 1.4 million members with an activist network where anyone can get involved.

19. Treehugger

treehuggerTreeHugger.com is an online news site that is devoted to spreading news on sustainability, design, food, culture, fashion, politics, health and other environmental issues.  They propose is to makes issues of sustainability mainstream using their up to the minute green blog, weekly and daily newsletters, weekly video segments and podcasts.

20. World Wildlife Fund

World Wildlife FundThe World Wildlife Fund is an international fundraising organization that works with existing conservation groups, such as International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) and The Conservation Foundation, and offers considerable financial assistance to the global nature conservation movement.

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