Top 5 Flowers That Are Easy To Grow In Your Lawn

Top 5 Flowers That are Easy to Grow in Your LawnEvery person who has a huge lawn must have, at one point of his life, thought of having a beautiful garden. If you have a lawn, then you might have thought of having your own garden as well. A lot of people want to have a nice flowery spot in their property, but one of the main reasons why they do not have gardens is that their knowledge about gardening is inadequate. But every person can build a garden even if he or she has not much background about gardening.

If it is your first time to have your own garden, you might want to start with the following flowers which are very easy to grow:

  • Sunflowers – Sunflowers are probably the easiest flowers to grow. In fact, even kids can grow these without exerting too much effort. Simply sow the seeds in a nice spot and watch them grow to enormous heights. Once they have grown, it is ideal to provide supports so that they could continue growing.
  • Marigold – Marigold is also another popular flower. The good thing about marigold is that it grows fast. So if you want an instant garden, this should be one of the flowers that you should sow right away. Marigold is available in various colors and heights.
  • Cosmos – Every garden should really have a cosmos. The good thing about cosmos is that it attracts a lot of butterflies. So if you want a garden that is frequently visited by butterflies, you should purchase cosmos seeds right away. But take note that cosmos also attracts bees.
  • Nigella – Nigella is also known as Love in A Mist. This flower is very easy to grow because it practically grows by itself. Just scatter the seeds on good soil and beautiful jewel-like flowers sill start growing soon. Make sure you water them especially during hot days.
  • Californian poppy – The Californian poppy is ideal as fillers for the dull areas of your garden. They could fill those dry corners that are not getting enough water. You will like Californian poppy if you do not have time to do some watering. Just make sure that it gets enough sun.

These are the flowers that you should start with. Once your garden thrives, you can start adding other flowers and plants. If you already have a big garden, you might need to purchase gardening materials such as an underground sprinkler system, a garden hose, a cart and shovel, gloves, pruners and a scooper.

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