Bathroom Remodeling The Easy Way

Bathroom remodeling can be fun. However, when you decide to get your bathroom remodeled, you know the real money is involved. And when we talk money, every single element included in our design can either make our investment worth or not-so-worth. To look at one example, here’s how you can save money when you are redesigning.


Have a plan

The bathroom is very different from a bedroom or a hall. There are pipelines and all the electric sockets in a tiny space. If you don’t have a plan, it might not turn out as you imagined it to be. It might seem like hiring an architect itself could be a hit on the wallet. But an architect can help you figure out a design that fits your budget and is realistic. Having a plan can give you the estimate of money and time that will go into remodeling your bathroom.

Don’t mess with the plumbing

Most people who want to redesign by themselves make the biggest mistake of replacing pipes. If they damage the plumbing, it involves way more costs. The costs involved in changing the location of the toilet and the wash-basin is so high that you’d be left with little to beautify your bathroom.

Keep the commode

A lot of people would want to replace the toilet when they think of bathroom renovation. Instead of getting rid of the entire commode, just replace the lid and the toilet seat. Even getting these two components replaced can make your toilet look new and fresh.

Save up space without spending too much

Cabinets and vanities look quite beautiful and add a nice look to the bathroom. But there are two issues related to this. First up, if your bathroom is tiny, you are compromising on space and making it look even smaller.

The second factor is money. Buying vanity and getting cabinets fixed will apparently cost you a lot. Instead, you can get hooks and rods, which will help you save, and also provide space to hang clothes and towels when needed.

Paint options

Is your bathroom tiny? If yes, you’d want to do anything to make it look bigger. The good news is that you can create an illusion that makes it look larger than what it is. This can be done by choosing lighter colors, like white and cream. These colors reflect the light such that the bathroom looks bigger than usual.


Try to look for cheaper alternatives as flooring can cost you a lot. Since tiles and marbles are expensive, you can go for wood flooring. A lot of people would say wooden flooring is a bad idea for a bathroom. However, you can get the wood sealed adequately, which will save it from water damage.

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