Benefits of Using a Self Composting Toilet

You may have heard of self-composting toilets, but you might know very little about them. The composting toilet is now a popular investment that a growing number of people are implementing in order to create a much smaller carbon footprint.

Unfortunately, many people have a negative view on composting toilets.  They find the idea of a composting toilet uncomfortable. There have been many myths and misconceptions surrounding the concept.  But due to the global green movement, there is a different and revolutionary view of on green plumbing fixtures.

As you will read, there are many environmental and financial benefits of using a self composting toilet in your home.

It Is Effective and Modern

Today’s composting toilets are available in a variety of sizes and styles and many are almost indistinguishable from standard toilets. Sweden is the home of the first modern composting toilet, marketing the toilet in 1977. Since then, composting toilets have evolved into a highly effective green investment for your home that will save you both money and water.

Standard toilets, even the newer low-flush toilets, can waste a great deal of water. The composting toilet can be used with a very small amount of grey water. It is just more comforting to quietly flush our waste away and let it be dealt with somewhere else.

Some of us think that a composting toilet is smelly, messy and just downright unsanitary. Actually, this is a myth. In fact, the truth is in sharp contrast. This kind of modernized, personal waste management leaves very little footprint and plays an essential role in preserving our environment.

It Brings Us Into Harmony

The composting toilet brings us back into a natural cycle, which is harmonious with the environment. This cycle consists of three parts: we eat plants, we excrete what we eat, and microbes turn that waste back into the plant world.

In the 21st Century, we have broken that cycle and we now rely on modern technology that is not always reliable. The composting toilet has no need for costly sewer systems that are prone to breakdown and malfunction. It is not simply a septic system, which is a completely different type of system usually used in rural areas, such as with a septic well.

Composting toilets use a complex, sophisticated system to break down waste. This process is quiet while saving a great deal of energy and water. Processing waste efficiently through biological processes is healthier and safer for the environment than using chemicals. Waste-processing plants use exorbitant amounts of energy, water, manpower, land and municipal budgets. Composting toilets need none of these and you do not even have to re-plumb your house to install one. This makes them user and earth friendly.

Today’s self-composting toilet is a superior choice when making changes for a greener home, business or community. It helps save money, process energy and the environment. The composting toilet is now a symbol of sustainable practices and an environmental conscience. Sustainable practices are an integral part of our future. The modern home is now a green home.

Byline:  Shawn Rogers is an avid DIY’er . Between projects, he takes timeout for freelance writing. This article was special for him because, in tackling his bathroom plumbing, he bit off more than he could chew.  He turned to Doug Turner Plumbing, a plumber in Sugar Land, for the completion of his plumbing project. 

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