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Strategies for Making Your Home Green

Solar Panels for the Home

Making a home green sounds chilling. Various factors related to the house should be considered and planned prior to construction. It is possible to make a home one hundred per cent eco-friendly. The interior and exterior of the home – bed rooms, kitchen, bathroom, walls, courtyard, wall painting, wood flooring, drainage system, waste composting system […]

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Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

The most important factor in determining whether to purchase a window is its energy efficiency. To define energy efficiency in a window, there are two very important variables to look for in the glass: the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and the U-Factor. Every glass manufacturer must have this information available to

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How to Save Money on Electricity Bills at Home

Energy Saving Products The best way to save energy at home is by buying the proper energy saving products and using them intelligently.  There are some strategies that require a large investment to save money on electricity bills. You can also compare electricity costs at websites like Electricity Monster. This page will focus on strategies […]

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