How To Clean Your Solar Panels

clean your solar panelsSolar technology is energy that is extracted sunlight and caught by the assistance of solar power panels. There are various types of panels for your home that can be purchased on the market. The choice of a solar panel will depend on your utilization or consumption. Granted, the majority of the units are very costly. In this respect, it is always recommended that you maintain your panels in top condition.

Keeping your panels in top condition is important since it means that they would operate optimally. Hence, it is critical to you as a home owner to regularly clean them. You might consider cleaning them yourself rather than getting a professional to do it for you since this may as well save some cash. However, this may only work if you equip yourself with the essential knowledge necessary for cleaning solar power panels and make sure you take the right security precautions. This knowledge can not only direct you on how to thoroughly clean your panels but also help you never to harm them along the way. Before getting on your roof, make sure the energy is disconnected to the solar system, and also that you are using the necessary protective equipment such as roof working harnesses.

Here are some basic tips to get your research started:

1. Gather all the materials needed to clean your panels. You need to have a bucket of water, a clean sponge and a dried out towel. The bucket of water and the sponge will be utilized in cleaning and rinsing the solar panels while the towel will be used to dry out water from the panel after cleaning.

2. Pull out the dirt, leaves, bird droppings and dust covering your panels. This should be achieved before you begin cleaning with water. It makes the cleaning process simpler.

3. Check your panel to ensure that plastic material or glass guard the wires. That is an essential step. You wouldn’t want to pour drinking water on naked cables. Such a move would possibly damage your solar system panel or worse result in a dangerous situation for yourself. In case there are any bare wires, get an electrician to fix them before you start.

4. Do the real cleaning after making certain all the first three steps have been adopted. After that, you can begin by scabbing away all the dirt utilizing a damp sponge. Finish the cleaning process by wiping your solar power with the dried out towel to dried out off the drinking water.

As indicated by the four steps above, with the right arrangements, safety precautions, equipment and knowledge cleaning your solar system panels is not a complicated affair. However, if for any reason you are feeling unsure about carrying it out yourself or you do not have the time needed to get the job done, call your specialist to clean it for you. Remember always, a clean solar power can not only go longer but also maintain more energy for your home use.

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