Current Trends in Queensland Solar Power

current trends in solar power

photo credit: Mike Weston

Planning concerns, a change in government and private investment, are all issues that are affecting the trajectory of current trends in solar power in Queensland on the Gold Coast in Australia.  The sweeping in of the new Coalition Government will see significant changes to solar power in these areas.

The Abbott Government intends to scrap the $10 Billion Green Bank of Australia, as it had promised while in opposition. This would mean that investments such as the $560 million pumped into both the Moree Solar Farm and the Taralga Wind Farm may be jeopardized, meaning that solar panels in Queensland’s green schemes may need to be privately funded from then on.

The bank also claims that its investment has encouraged a further $1.6 Billion in private investments in solar power in Queensland and solar power in the Gold Coast.

This may carry a further knock-on effect, with suburban solar panels in Queensland being scrutinized as well as utilized to provide solar power on the Gold Coast.

Residents have been angered on the Gold Coast by one over-zealous environmentally conscious constructing his own personal Solar Farm in his suburban back yard.

His Queensland private solar farm was not up to regulation however, due to several loopholes in the council’s planning procedures.

“A loophole was exposed in council’s planning procedure”, a representative for the council said.

“We have responded quickly to recent community concern about these issues. This change allows us to regulate solar panel structures from here on in and ensure the visual amenity of the area is maintained.”

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While the new regulations mean tighter controls and restrictions on solar power in Queensland, residents will not be restricted from installing panels on their roofs; just as long as they stick to the guidelines.

“Council can knock back applications if the solar panels are up on a right angle or something like that. Residents who live nearby will be able to object.”

But the policy will not be retrospective, which means that Mr Drew will not be required to make any changes to his solar panels Queensland style-installation.

About the author: Eclipse Solar provides solar panel installation services and supplies REC solar panels and solar hot water systems in Queensland, including Nambour, the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

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