How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Using a GPS with Navteq Maps

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Millions of drivers around the globe use a GPS to get them from A to B, with two of the more popular brands being Garmin and TomTom.  What a lot a drivers don’t realize though, is that the digital maps on a GPS need to be updated regularly due to the ever-changing nature of the national road networks.  Every time a new road is added, or a junction changes somewhere, that will not be reflected on the mapping software contained on the GPS – which is why map updates are required.

However, there is also another benefit to updating your GPS with new maps, and that’s the fact that it will help to reduce your carbon footprint.  Sound strange?  Well there is actually some logic behind this statement, so read on to find out more.

Reduce Your CO2 Emissions with New Navteq GPS Maps

Most modern GPS devices, such as the Garmin Nuvi range, come pre-loaded with maps developed by a company called Navteq.  In 2009 Navteq completed a study in Germany to examine the driving habits of drivers who use GPS devices.   The findings were very interesting, as they showed that drivers who had a GPS actually drove less miles each year.  This of course had the knock-on effect of reducing the amount they spent on fuel bills – which of course then helps to reduce their annual CO2 emissions and carbon footprint.

Drivers Spend Less Time Behind the Wheel with Accurate GPS Directions

The reason is quite simple.  By using a GPS that contains up to date maps, the drivers were spending less time behind the wheel as they tended not to take in-efficient and incorrect routes.  The scenario of their GPS taking them the wrong way or down a road that had been re-prioritized was greatly reduced as the device had current and more reliable maps installed on it.

New Navteq Maps Released Every Quarter

Navteq release new GPS map update software every four months.  If you are a driver that uses a Garmin GPS then you can update your maps directly with them on their official website.  If you drive a car which already has GPS installed into the dashboard console then you will need to update the Navteq mapping using a navigation DVD (although these are only released once a year) – it’s possible to save money on your purchase by using a Navteq Promo Code 2012 which is listed on the GPS Bites’ website.

GPS Map Updates Can Work Out to Be Economical

Typically map updates will retail between $50 and $199 US Dollars depending on which brand of GPS you own.  Whilst this might sound expensive, it’s worth comparing this to how much fuel you will save over a year if you have the most accurate directions possible.  On the official Navteq website there is a tool that drivers can use to calculate how much fuel that they can save in a year as well as the CO2 emission reduction rate for their model of car and driving style.

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