On Keeping Your Bathroom Towels Toasty In A Chic Way

After all the mad rush you endure every day, it is no wonder that you deserve a little bit of life’s luxuries. For example, after a hard day’s work, would you not like to have a refreshing bath and step out of it into a warm, cozy robe? While this might seem to be a distant dream in the long, chilly winter, a towel radiator can make it possible for you. They are just the thing that you would need to keep your towels dry and warm. Plus, they suit almost any family size. Plus, their smart, contemporary look makes for a stylish addition to your bathroom. There are, however, a few considerations to make before zeroing in on to any particular product.

Consider Its Power

Are you going to use a 200mm narrow bathroom towel rail only for drying towels? Or would you use it to keep your bathroom damp free, as well? The power output of your unit is crucial. The websites of many service providers help to calculate the optimum power output to cater to your needs.  However, if your bathroom already has an under-floor heating system or a radiator, then a low-output rail would serve your purpose well.

Considerations While Installing

When it comes to the plumbed radiators, consider the pipework that exists in your bathroom. If you already have a heater that you want to replace, then you might think of doing one thing. Go for a towel warmer, which is wider, or at least has the same width of the heater. This will require relatively less plumbing jobs. Also, it is essential that you judge the wall space or the floor area of the place that you choose to put the rail. If you are selecting a standard-sized product to keep a large bathroom warm, then it might take a lot of wall space. However, you can wall mount the smaller rails, and leave some space below it for storage. If you are buying a narrow rail, then you might want to install them behind the door.

Designs That Save Space

Space-saving varieties of heated towel rails are perfect for cloakrooms, en-suites, and small bathrooms. These wall mounted creations come in various shapes and sizes. The hooped designed varieties consist of a vertical bar. They have hoops that help you to hang towels. If you have a narrow space, then a hooped designed product is perfect for you. A bar design, on the other hand, suits best for en-suite washrooms having a more confined space. However, they are not much roomy. They can accommodate no more than a robe, or bath sheets at a time. Again, some varieties come with flat panels and rails. If you want a unit with maximum heating output with a lot of space to dry many towels, then these would suit you perfectly. While the panels give out all the heat, you need to keep the washrooms dry and warm. Again, the stylish rail helps to keep towels dry and warm.



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