The Pros and Cons of Solar Power

pros and cons of solar power

Over the last decade, energy prices have continued to increase, which is mainly due to the consistent increase in energy consumption, which then translates into higher demands. No doubt that it has an immediate effect on households and businesses’ cost of living.

That is why, today, a lot of homeowners as well as business owners have decided on investing in solar technology, which helps in reducing electricity costs and in achieving a green energy future.

Discussed below are the pros and cons of solar power. Read on:


Pros of Solar Power

Cost effective

Prices of solar panels as well as the installation prices, in the past years, have already decreased. This means that with the use of the solar power system, your electricity bill can be drastically reduced.


Solar power systems do not contain air pollutants. Thus, by using such technology, one can help save the environment, and help in supporting the advocacies of many organizations in creating an energy-efficient future.

With the use of solar panels, people can expect reduced greenhouse gas emissions as well as reduced fossil fuel consumption. Thus helping the fight against global warming.


Manufacturers of these solar panels ensure that these can last for many years, which means that you will surely save a lot in your electricity cost at the soonest. Unlike most other sources of energy, the sun is a renewable energy source that is infinitely available.

Source of revenue

This can also be a good source of revenue for some homeowners as well as business owners, as local utility companies may purchase power from them, should solar power produce more power than what is required for the house or business.


Solar panels can hold a 25 to 40 years of warranty period.  And very little maintenance is required for them.

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Cons of Solar Power

The cons for the solar power are actually not plentiful.

The sun does not shine 24 hours a day.  And when the sun goes down, the solar panels will also stop producing the electricity. However, batteries can store the electricity produced by solar panels during the day to be used later on when needed.

Another con is that your installation cost may be a bit high.  But in the long run, more money will be saved to offset the cost of installation.

The weather conditions and pollution can as well affect the solar panel efficiency.

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