Protect Your Home from Fire

Protect Your Home from FireHouse fires account for over $10 billion each year, not to mention the thousands of lives lost and tens of thousands injured each year. Some of these fires were preventable by implementing various safety rules. Most of these rules are simple and can be done by anyone, whereas others do require some fire protection training.

People seldom think about fire safety in their own homes, but it can be paramount to keep to these simple rules if you want to minimize the chances of a fire occurring in your home.


Dryer Filters Need to Be Cleaned or Replaced

Not only does the lint which gathers in the clothes dryer obstructs the proper functioning and efficiency of your dryer, but it can also pose a significant fire risk in your home. The lint is mostly made of cotton and other fabrics your clothes are made of. That makes it flammable, and the loose texture that lets a lot of air in is only making it worse.
However, the worst thing about the lint is where it can be found – very near to electric heaters which operate your dryer. Once a critical mass of lint has gathered, it can catch fire and damage your dyer or even worse – the rest of your house. Make sure to clean it regularly, as per the manufacturer’s instructions and, just to be safe, don’t turn on the dryer if you are leaving the house unsupervised.

Be Careful When Cooking

The most abundant source of house fires are the kitchens. Cooking accidents tend to be minor, but if you are calm and quick, they can escalate and be the source of a house fire with huge ramifications.

When cooking over an open flame, be careful about cooking grease. If your pan or pot does catch fire, don’t try to carry it somewhere else and DO NOT pour water on it, it will only exacerbate the problem, and you may end up injured. Instead, try to remain calm and put the pan back on the stove and grab a fire extinguisher. Be sure that you use the extinguisher which was designed to put out kitchen fires. Don’t forget to call the fire department and go outside if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Your Heating System Needs to Be Inspected by Professionals

Even though you may be thinking that it is just another unnecessary expense that you need to pay, a proper heating equipment inspection is essential. Regardless of the type of fuel your heating system uses, there is always a chance that it will catch fire, so acting preemptively is paramount.
Not only the furnace needs to be tested, if you have a fireplace or a chimney, they need to be tested as well. If your heating is electric, make sure that your technician checks all the installations that lead to the heating device, to be sure that it can support the amount of electricity needed.

Be Careful with Open Flame

A lot of people enjoy seeing an open flame. Whether it is a nice fire in the living room fireplace or a bunch of candles in the bedroom, there seems to be something soothing in the glow of a burning fire. However, open flames can be dangerous, which is why you should follow some ground rules.
First of all, never leave a candle unattended, especially if it is close to items and materials that can catch fire, like fabrics or wood. The same applies to fireplaces as well. Additionally, try to keep flammable things at least three feet away from a burning fireplace.

Just by following some logical and straightforward advice, you can reduce the likelihood of your house catching fire.

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