How to Recycle a Bicycle

How to Recycle a BicycleRecycling your bicycle is the concept of selling your bike for used parts or buying used bicycle parts to replace or enhance something in your bike.  It is an international concept, adopted all over the world, and it’s a great way for you to do your part in saving the planet while saving some money.  Bicycle shops buy and sell used parts.  If you don’t need to buy any parts, they can also repair your bike.  There are also several non-profit organizations that will take used bicycles for a tax deductible donation.  They will take your bicycle and give it to someone less fortunate.  Google bike shops and bicycle recycling places in your local area.  For example, if you live in Boston, type “bicycle recycling Boston” or “bike shops in Boston” and see what shows up.

Bicycle Shops

Places that recycle your bike will teach you how to build your bike using used parts and how to care for it with proper maintenance.  They can show you how to fine tune and balance your bike if it’s not riding well, and can give you genuine insight if a part needs to be replaced or not .  Some bike shops will offer free services like tweaking your brakes, or they will have a pump that you can use to fill up your tires for free.  Like some recycling centers, some bicycle shops will also donate their bikes to people who need them.

Your bicycle is not only used for recreation and exercise, but it is also a form of transportation. Shops and recycling centers have biking events, hold races and a have community of people with whom you can share your biking knowledge.  Cycling communities adopt and promote an active and healthy lifestyle so it is good idea for you to join one.

Getting on a bicycle recycling program is a great way to help the environment by re-using and restoring old parts, save money by not buying new parts, help others by donating your bike or bicycle parts, and maintain a healthy lifestyle by joining a community that promotes an active lifestyle.

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