Sleep Number Bed Reviews

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sleep number bed reviews

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Sleep number beds have mattresses that are different than the traditional one size fits all mattresses. People who purchase sleep number beds do so because of the personalized comfort at their fingertips.  These beds are adjustable on both sides, which results in individualized comfort for both partners sleeping on the bed. Each individual can select a number or setting that is a better fit for him or her. The numbers are adjusted from 1 to 100 ranging from extra firm to a feather soft bed.  Within sleep number beds, there are different types and options to choose.  We’ll take a quick look at two of the most popular options.

The sleep number p5 (performance) bed is pretty popular among consumers. The biggest advantage that most consumers mention is the comfort factor. Consumers give the p5 bed a great rating based on ease of sleep alone.

And while some consumers appear satisfied with their sleep number p5 bed results, others aren’t.  Consumers have stated that the actual bed they bring home feels nothing like the one they tested at the store.  They also complain that they have a difficult time finding a specific number setting that is right for them.  Overall, for the p5 bed, the pros and cons seem to average out. It depends on whether or not a consumer is successful in finding their “perfect number.”

Another popular bed among sleep number consumers is the m7 (memory foam) adjustable bed. Unfortunately, there are not too many consumers who have had a positive experience with this particular bed. Many consumers complain that the bed is expensive, has a sloppy assembly, and has frequent troubles with the top sliding off.  But on a positive note, those consumers who are satisfied with this bed, seem to absolutely love it.  Overall, this is an excellent bed and the comfort it brings more than makes up for the minor grievances that some people have had with them.


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