Strategies for Making Your Home Green

Making a home green sounds chilling. Various factors related to the house should be considered and planned prior to construction. It is possible to make a home one hundred per cent eco-friendly. The interior and exterior of the home – bed rooms, kitchen, bathroom, walls, courtyard, wall painting, wood flooring, drainage system, waste composting system constitute a home and all these factors produce a lesser carbon footprint when the home is implemented with green technologies. Here are some pointers that can help you :

1)  Implementation of solar power: Solar power can be utilized to run various domestic electrical appliances. The main advantages of it is that it is highly economical (You have to spend your money only for the installation process of the solar panels and the whole system; once installed, you can resource a nonstop flow of electrical power), less pollution as well as an independent mode of electricity production and consumption.

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2)  Usage of nature-friendly construction materials for home: Choosing sustainable materials to décor your home not only gives it a beauty of its own but also the freshness of nature to a rooms. For instance, the traditional and common wall painting, flooring, and roofing might cause some irritation and marginal health problems. But you can reduce pollution and health related problems generated from inorganic materials by replacing it with organic building materials such as timber or hardwood flooring, environmentally-friendly wall painting, clay pots for cooking, organic horticulture, etc.

3)  Use the latest technology with electronic equipment: Every day new technology for green electronics arise in such a way that they consume an optimum amount of electricity.  So change your old, energy guzzling appliances with the latest ones; as the old ones indirectly cause more pollution and consume more power. Also, use recycled products and practice proper disposal methods of your old and unused electronic devices.


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