The Green Living Carnival – 1st Edition

Welcome to the first edition of the Green Living Carnival!  It is a weekly blog carnival featuring posts from some of the best writers on sustainability, energy efficiency, and green living in general.

Denise Thompson presents 28 Blogs Featuring Recycled Easter Crafts for Eco-Friendly Moms posted at Find A Babysitter.  Denise points out that kids need creativity in their lives, and that crafts spark their imagination so that they can create charming projects to decorate your home or to give away as gifts

Nigel Magowan presents Anxiety Disorder Treatment in Manchester posted at Manchester Psychotherapy, Counselling, NLP & Life Coaching.  He shares information on psychotherapy, counselling, NLP, Life Coaching, mental health & self development related subjects from a Manchester Psychotherapist

Kaylee Adams presents 15 High Risk Foods to Avoid Feeding Young Kids posted at Find A Nanny.  The World Health Organization recommends that babies be exclusively breastfed for the first year of life, which means that they shouldn’t eat or drink anything except breast milk for a full year.

Alaina Moore presents 10 Rules New Low-Carb Dieters Should Follow posted at  She explains how cutting carbohydrates is a cornerstone tenet of many popular diets, due in part to the simple fact that these diet plans can be effective when they’re properly followed.

Elizabeth Atwood presents Unique Natural Products – A Green Way To Clean That Works posted at  She presents her review of Unique Natural Products, which are natural cleaning supplies.

CashRebel presents Use 80% less energy than your neighbor! – CashRebel posted at CashRebel | CashRebel.  A post about how they use 80% less energy than their neighbor, cost-effective energy efficiency strategies, and true environmental externalities.

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