The Green Living Carnival – 3rd Edition

Welcome to the third edition of the Green Living Carnival!  It is a weekly blog carnival featuring posts from some of the best writers on sustainability, energy efficiency, and green living in general.

John Schmoll presents Money Saving Gardening Tips From a Frugal Mama posted at Frugal Rules, saying, “From saving money on produce and groceries to being able to eat healthier there are many benefits to having your own garden. You don’t necessarily need to have a green thumb to garden either.”

Solar Mirror Focuses on the Sun to Make Dirty Water Clean from greenprophet.com writes about the sun being used to heat and distill non-potable water to turn it into clean drinking water.

Jeff Moore presents 24 Blogs with the Best Ideas for Recycling Plastic Easter Eggs saying, “If you are like many families, after Easter you have tons of plastic eggs that you don’t want to throw away, but you have no idea what to do with them.  24 blog entries describe how to go about transforming your ‘Easter’ eggs into something that can be used all year long.”

The Energy Crisis on a Local Level, presented by easywaystogogreen.com shows examples of how 3 different states use standards to address their energy crisis.

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