The Green Living Carnival – 4th Edition

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Green Living Carnival!  It is a weekly blog carnival featuring posts from some of the best writers on sustainability, energy efficiency, and green living in general.

Cyndi presents The Power of Perception posted at Reduce Footprints, saying, “This post discusses the nature of perception and how we can use it to help the environment.”

Greener Ideal lists the 7 Countries in the World With the Most Solar Power Usage.

Tafline Laylin from the Green Prophet writes an article on how Istanbul Knits Giant Sweater for Energy Conservation. The sweater was knit as a symbol to launch their national energy conservation campaign.

Jonathan Marshall from PGE Currents, presents Where the Green Jobs Are, a report on the number of projects available in the green industry and the cities in the U.S. with the largest green jobs market.

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