The Green Living Carnival – 5th Edition

Welcome to the fifth edition of the Green Living Carnival!  A weekly blog carnival featuring posts from some of the best writers on sustainability, energy efficiency, and green living.

Jade Boyd from Rice University writes about a study on how Waste Heat May Reduce Costs for CO2 capture.  Carbon dioxide is captured from flue gases in power plants by using low-grade steam.

Cyndi from Reduce Footprints presents What Do You Do When Your Loved Ones Don’t Recycle?.  She states “It can be so frustrating when our loved ones don’t recycle. My guest, Rubi Wiswall, discusses how to encourage friends and family to live green … without alienating them.”

James Fluere from the Science Recorder writes: New Models Predict Drastically Greener Arctic in the Coming Decades.  Warmer global temperatures have caused an increase in vegetation growth in the Arctic region.

Anna from Green Talk gives a recap on the recent U.S.-China Green Forum.  She gives a summary of what was talked about in the conference and adds how she felt about it.

Kristina presents The Greening Of Westford: You CAN Donate Ripped And Stained Clothing posted at The Greening Of Westford.

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