The Green Living Carnival – 7th Edition

Welcome to the seventh edition of the Green Living Carnival!  It is a weekly blog carnival featuring articles on sustainability, energy efficiency, and green living.  This week’s edition is mostly about gardening at home.

Steve Jackson presents 30 Blogs Detailing How to Create Your Own Backyard Herb Garden posted at Housekeeping, saying, “you can create your own herb garden right at home. Start your herbs from seed, plant the herbs in a windowsill garden, plant a container garden outside or create an herb garden in the ground.”

Ponerology News presents Green Criminology: An Intriguing Discipline, Related to Ponerology, Studying Environmental Harm posted at Ponerology News, saying, “How I learned about a fascinating new field that studies crimes against the environment as a science.”

Mr.CBB presents Garden Growing Guide: How To Prepare Your Garden posted at Canadian Budget Binder, saying, “Learn the steps involved with preparing your garden from preparing the soil, where to plant. Transplanting seedlings as well as watering tips. Gardening doesn’t have to cost a lot nor does it have to be a tedious job. Make it fun and grow your own food!”

Kristen from Sustainable Suburbia presents Three Natural Laundry Stain Removers You Can Make.  She shares simple recipes for 3 do-it-yourself stain removers you can make from soaps, vinegar and baking soda.

Ron Finley, a Guerilla Gardener in Los Angeles, gives a talk on TED on how he planted vegetable gardens in abandoned lots and curbs in South Central, L.A. to improve the food culture.   If his speech doesn’t inspire you to plant food in your own garden, then nothing will.

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