The Green Living Carnival – 9th Edition

Welcome to the ninth edition of the Green Living Carnival!  It is a weekly blog carnival featuring articles on sustainability, energy efficiency, and green living.

From BD&C, an interesting take on LED Lighting.  Exploring the pros and cons of using LED fixtures in buildings.

The Economist explores the issue of Global Warming and how there have been some improvements in the past few years.Cyndi presents 20 Tips for adding value to our lives posted at Reduce Footprints.  Where she give 20 quick tips for you to save money and help the environment.

Greenbang.com presents Five ‘Out There’ Energy Technologies, in which the describe 5 alternative and non-conventional sources of energy that you probably haven’t thought of.

Mr. Strawberry presents Grow Your Own Strawberry Plants: 10 Reasons Why posted at Strawberry Plants .org, saying, “Avoid consuming conventionally-grown strawberries by growing your own! Here are 10 reasons why you may want to consider planting some of your own strawberry plants this year.”

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