Tips on Efficient Energy Usage and Reducing Needles Waste at Home

We waste a lot of energy, and at times we are not even aware of it. There is a need to make our houses energy efficient as it helps save not only on electricity but money as well.

Some people are of the idea that it is okay to waste energy. American Power and Gas, a fast-growing energy company, is trying hard to change this perspective by introducing renewable to households. Currently, they serve hundreds of thousands of customers across the US and has made it their goal to make renewable energy services available to all Americans.

Renewable energy is cheaper in the long run, better for the economy and environment. For homeowners that are not able to make the switch, the best option is to use energy efficient products so that you get to save money.

Here are some ways to make your home energy efficient:


Top Notch Insulation In The Attic

Weirdly enough, one of the most neglected parts of our home is the attic. There may be leaks there related to poorly insulated systems that can cause a loss of energy, resulting in higher bills. According to reports, around 40% of all energy wasted in homes is due to leaks in spaces like these.

To avoid this from happening, make sure to install at least 19” insulation in the attic, so that little to no energy escape the house. This will help you reduce your cooling bill as well as your heating costs by up to 20%.  As a result, you should see a drop in your monthly electricity bill.

Install Lights That You Can Dim

Just like we can increase or decrease the speed of a ceiling fan with a dimmer, we can do the same for lights as well. Not to mention, It provides softer lighting settings and is great for the power bill.

Install A Platinum Film To Reflect Heat In Summers

An AC is a must for Americans when heatwaves hit, or when you’re living in dry heat and tropical climates. However, the scorching heat falling inside from windows can reduce the cooling of the room and make the AC work harder.

A platinum heat control film may be of help.It can reflect as much as 70% of the heat when it falls on windows and also prevents 99% of UV rays from entering the house, also retaining temperature.

Install LEDs

The most logical choice today that you can make when it comes to lighting is to go with LEDs. They help to save 80% or more energy compared to other lighting technology.

Additionally, LED lights have the capability to be dimmed, this can help you save 20% of the cost vs. standard lighting and consumes way less energy, thus keeping your power bill down. Not to mention, LEDs have a far more significant life expectancy and rarely need to be changed.

Limit The Use Of Appliances That Use Too Much Energy

There tons of energy wasting products in a household that feed on electricity like a parasite.The washer and dryer, your iron, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, TV, HVAC systems, you name it. All these things require a lot of power to work and consume a lot of energy.

Make sure to use such appliances as little as possible and to switch them off once done. Other than this, do not put a lot of pressure on your appliances and avoid running them at the max.

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