Using Green Methods To Get A Green Lawn

Using Green Methods to Get a Green LawnMany people think that the only way to get your lawn to look its best is to pump it full of man made synthetic fertilizers and chemicals. This is far from the truth. In fact you can have a great looking lawn with only doing a couple of simple things that are both easy on the earth and are fun to do.

The first thing that you will want to do is increase the soil profile of your yard. Often times grass needs chemicals to help it grow because the soil is of poor quality. A sure way to help your soil is to add compost. Compost is a great slow-release fertilizer and is full of micro organisms. It will not only help your grass roots in a symbiotic relationship with the nutrients in the soil, but it will also help break down all the thatch layer of the soil that if left to build up will create disease and oxygen problems for your grass.

In order for the compost to have a good impact on your lawn, you will want to add about an inch or so to your lawn dispersing it evenly across the surface and making sure to not let it pile up in one spot. Once you spread the compost, you can use a garden rake to help it settle into the thatch layer of the grass.  Just doing this one thing will greatly increase the look of your grass.

The next thing that you can do to get your grass to look its best is to aerate the ground with a core aerator. This process, which mechanically pulls plugs out of the ground, will do more for your lawn than you would think. This process is important because by taking these plugs out of the ground, you are allowing nutrients, moisture and oxygen to get down to the root layer of the grass. The best time to aerate your lawn is when your grass is actively growing. For warm season grasses such as bermuda, zoysia, centipede, bahia, sea paspalum or st augustine this will be in the spring. If you have cool season grass such as fine fescue, tall fescue, bluegrass or rye grass you will want to aerate in the fall.

If you do these two things every year you will never need chemical fertilizers on your lawn. If you want more tips on how to get your lawn to look its best organically, check out

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