Why solar energy?

The energy obtained from the Sun is termed as solar energy. It is a freely available natural source of energy which is virtually inexhaustible. The sunlight is absorbed by solar panels which then convert it to electric power. The solar panel (Photoelectric cell) is mounted in such a way so as to get the maximum exposure to direct sunlight. The various integrated electrical components with which the solar panels are made of convert the solar heat, radiation or light to electricity.

Solar energy has been a hot matter of discussion for several years because of its huge potentiality as the future source of energy. Solar energy is an infinite source of energy so if it is well explored, the growing scarcity of fossil fuels can be easily tackled. Each day, new fossil fuel powered vehicles are born and hit the road emitting a number of toxic gases such as Carbon dioxide, nitrogen and sulfur dioxide which turns into the major cause for atmospheric, soil and water pollution.

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But solar energy is safe, non-polluting and a virtually unlimited source of power. Have you ever been aware of the current crisis situation regarding the fuel consumption and its rising prices? The fossil fuels like petrol, diesel, and coal – the current major source of power will not last forever – not more than hundred years according to several experts. Apparently, the price also will keep going up and making it extremely difficult for the common people to use them. It will be available only to the upper echelons of society and this will lead to economic and political instability. So, the one and only option is to explore other avenues like solar power, wind power, tidal power etc.

The advantages of solar power are numerous. Lesser environmental pollution, economical, availability, government grants, easy installation procedure (Solar panels can be placed anywhere where sunlight is available). In addition to this solar energy is also a good investment.  Solar power is for sure the best and safest source of energy production.

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